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Manage your Stress with 8 Amazing Tips

Stress is an essential by-product of modern lifestyle. The reasons of this stress include heavy work load, poor work life balance, insecurity and fears, bad past experiences etc. fast lifestyle and so on. Here are some simple yet effective tips of managing stress: 

1. Let go of the undesirable fears: 

Stress creates many types of fears. We often fear those things which have the least chance of occurring at all. So, most of our fears are actually needless. Apart from these, there is no natural fear. We have created all kinds of fear by ourselves. Researches in psychology show that whatever issues create stress for humans do not actually occur more than even 1 per cent of the time. You can now realize how much garbage you have accumulated in the form of stress. Throw out this garbage, which is there in the form of fear and stress.

2. Flush out the negative memories

 Many of our stresss are our own negative memories. We keep getting ourselves disturbed by past failures. There is just one way to avoid this—think that these did not happen at all. Forget them and erase all things related to them from your memory. Do this physically as well, because, whatever has happened cannot be changed now. However, whatever is in your control can be dealt with happily.

3. Thinking too much will not help

 Make life a simple affair. There is no real need to think too much. A poet has very aptly expressed this as: It is relevant to think, and necessary too, but thinking all the time is not good. Some people simply keep on thinking. It is, however, not right to be calculative on all counts. Living life is not a mathematical process, but an art. It is absolutely necessary to fill colours in life and find ways of laughing. Searching for laughter and smiles in every aspect of life makes you tread your life on a simpler path, and then, even big problems start appearing smaller.

4. Never think of yourself as a small person: 

No person must think himself or herself as small. God has made us humans and given such a treasure of powers so that we are smaller to none. We simply have to explore and hone the qualities that lie within us. There is a famous saying in the business world, Success has a simple formula—Do your best so that people should like it. Just try your level best, and have a confidence that you can do it. Guru Shukracharya has expressed as There is no word which cannot be converted into a mantra, there is no root of a tree which does not contain a medicine, there is no person who is not capable, the only difficult job is that of one who binds together.

5. Do not have expectations from others: 

One of the main reasons for our getting tense is that we have expectations from others. We will have to change this. Someone has rightly said, “Expect less; you will be less frustrated”, meaning that when you expect less from others, and that when they do not prove to be helpful, you will not feel tense. If you expect more, and others do not prove to be helpful, you shall feel more tensed.

6. Serve selflessly: 

If you wish to derive the maximum possible bliss, serve someone selflessly. Make sacrifice for someone. You will not get bliss greater than this, ever. After this sacrifice, nothing but pure bliss remains in your mind, and you will forget everything else. This is so because you are not expecting anything in return, hence the possibility of becoming tense will decrease to the lowest. By helping others, you also grow mentally strong yourself. You feel that even God is with you, as you are performing a noble deed. When you take out thorn from someone’s foot, you will feel your own pains going down.

7. Do something which will benefit all: 

In the business world, the concept of Win-Win Situation is often used. This means a situation providing victory to both the sides. A good deed is one by which everyone can derive benefit. When we think only about ourselves, we tend to get tense, because then it creates an imbalance in the society. When we harm others and work with a selfish motive, we are under a constant fear. There is a saying, Poverty anywhere is the threat for the prosperity everywhere. Hence, we have to look for the interests of others as well.

8. Behaviour (keep a clear, inside-out image): 

A lack of transparency in behaviour is a major reason for stress. In the first instance, people tend to avoid talking straight and frankly, then either they grow tense later or quarrel with others. There is a famous saying, Shameless frankness at one moment, and bliss for the remaining moments. This means that, while entering a deal or a contract with someone, be open and speak frankly about all aspects, even if he or she is your closest friend. This may cause the other person to feel bad, but shedding off shame and hesitation for some time and speaking frankly gives peace forever.

This article is an excerpt from I Can… I Will… a motivational book by Dr. Arun Mittal published by Sterling Publishers)